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About us

PWB teaches performing arts and circus skills to disadvantaged children and young adults, in the UK and around the world, in order to contribute to them gaining a more positive outlook and a better quality of life. This is based on a growing body of research expounding the benefits of learning circus skills and putting on performances.

We believe that to make lasting change in the lives of disadvantaged young people you have to do more than just make sure they have the basics. Through teaching performing arts skills we help orphans and vulnerable children to build confidence, become empowered, learn teamworking skills and overcome social barriers. At the same time they learn a great new lifetime hobby, or even a new profession, and they have some fun whilst doing it; all leading to a more general positive outlook and a better quality of life.

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Performers Without Borders is fundraising towards

India Tour 2020

This is a Fundrasing Event Page for volunteers hoping to go on the PWB India Tour 2020. Volunteers need to raise their own funds of £1000 or more to pay their way on the Tour and raise funds for central PWB HQ costs to support the Tour. Please give generaously ...

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Refugee Outreach - Calais and Dunkirk Spring 2020

Please support the wonderful Chez and Jess with their social circus outreach work just across the channel. Please see previous events for more details: &

PWB Germany

This is a donation page for anyone who wants to donate to our outreach work in Germany. Please see our website for more details -

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