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Hey there!

Firstly, a huge thank you for taking the time to read about the upcoming projects I'm getting involved with and for your support of our very special charity!

This target amount covers the total varying expenses over 2 different international PWB projects.

What and When?

2019, 3rd-10th December - Samos in Greece, Refugee camp working in partnership with The Flying Seagull Project.

2020, 2nd Jan - 23rd Feb - Kenya Tour, working with street children alongside NGO's, protected centres and untouchable communities.

More About Greece

On the 3rd December I will be flying to Greece to the island of Samos, where our team of Performers Without Borders All-stars will be working alongside The Flying Seagull Project. We will be teaching and supporting a gargantuan amount of children. The sessions can accommodate up to 150 children in each session, twice daily, everyday for a week! The total of fundraising for this trip is £250, which will largely be used to cover travel. Check out the Flying Seagulls and all the awesome stuff they do, such a big impact -

More About Kenya 

On the 2nd January I will be co-ordinating a team of wonderful volunteers out to Kenya on a circus expedition of joy! Working alongside the Sarakasi Acrobats, we will be supporting lots of different outreach groups and projects, following the PWB legacy: building smiles into solutions for poverty. For this trip the goal is £500, which will be used to fund various aspects of the tour including: medical cover, travel and other basic living costs for our wonderful team!

Final Notes

If you help us out you'll also be added to the email list of completely fabulous supporters so you can get all the news and updates of how many smiles we've helped to create.

Please give a little so we can give a lot!

Thank you!

All my love,

Jules <3

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