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peter Duncan

Circus to Samos



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I have watched the Flying Seagulls and Performers without Borders doing amazing work for years

This summer I have worked with the Performers without Borders group and now have the chance to got to Samos in Greece to work with the team there.

Lots of people are on the move from Afghanistan and Syria through Turkey and are arriving in Greece.

They all need a safe space, but they also need the chance to play and laugh and trust and challenge themselves,

They all need a bit of magic and escape that the Circus and learning circus can offer

The incredible dedicated group already have a Big top and team there, I am part of a new team going out early in December

I am funding myself to get there so all the money raised here will go on kit and resources to take out and leave with the project

If you know me you know how much Play and Rights mean to me, I cant do a show but I can go out and train and  offer opportunities

Kit like parachutes and skipping ropes would be great at the camp. 

I have a month to gather the money and resources to take a big bag of joyful stuff ! 

Thanks in advance for your generosity



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