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Hello wonderful friends,

This Novemeber I will be returning to Calais and Dunkirk with a few other Performers Without Borders volunteers, for one week, to play and share smiles with refugees there.

I am putting in £150 of my own to cover most (if not all!) of my travel, food and accomodation costs. I am aiming to raise a further £200, about £50 of this will be a top up for my travel, food and accomodation costs. A small amount may be used for buying any extra circus equipment to use while we are there and the majority of the reamining £150 (and any extra!) will go to the organisations we are working with (read on for more deatil about them!).

The Situation In Calais

As you may know in 2015/2016 I was a long term volunteer in the refugee camp in Calais, 'The Jungle'. The camp has long been cleared and the situation there is very different now. Refugees still journey to Calais and Dunkirk aiming to cross to the UK. There are still many attempts to make the crossing. There is now much less support for refugees while they are living in Calais. There are a few small accomodation centres but most people do not have any where to stay. People have to find hidden spaces to sleep and often come into conflict with the police who confiscate tents, sleeping bags, mobile phones etc. There are still organisations working to support refugees with the resources they need to survive, tents, clothes, food, fire wood etc. There are also organisations providing spaces for refugees to use during the day offering various services.

Performers Without Borders Work in the Calais Area

Performers Without Borders have been sending volunteers to the Calais area twice a year since December 2017. This November the team will be bigger than it has been before. We will work with a number of the organisations there to perform shows, play games and lead workshops with refugees aiming to bring a little extra light and laughter to people in very difficult situations. We will also spend a little of our time at the Help Refugees warehouse performing for the extremely hard working volunteers there.

Partner Organisations:

Refugee Youth Service

Through this service we work with mainly teenagers and mainly males. We go out on 'the field' with them and often they bring us teens who may want to engage with activities.

The Women and Children's Service and Project Play

Project play work with children age 0-15yrs in a few different accomodation centres and some less established social centres

Secours Catholoque

Their focus is mainly education, although they have not been running recently.

A day centre for refugees to get warm and dry and charge phones. Many activities are offered there, we usually go once or twice to bring a little something extra to the outside space for those who want to opt in. We are there mainly for the youth but adults often join in too.

School Bus Project

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